Sun Bleach

Basketweave (medium)


Working with generations of artisan families, our Raffia is the epitome of handcrafted texture. Raffia fibers are sourced from the young fronds of Raphina Raffia, a handsome Palm. Inner fibers are painstakingly split, peeled, combed and then knotted in preparation of weaving on a traditional village loom. The result reflects a 40-year collaboration with our weavers that distinguishes our Raffia textures. All resources are renewable.

36 in
Bolt Size:
8 Yards (min. order)
Flame Rating:
Class A
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  • Detail image

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This is a handmade product. Color and texture variation is to be expected and enhance natural beauty.

Custom colors and dimensions are available for most qualities. Please consult your showroom representative as to specific availability for a quality, as well as for quotes and orders.

Wallcoverings are for color reference only. Colors on screen may vary due to monitor display differences.